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Best Savings on Land & Sea for only $79 a year. Learn More
Best Savings on Land & Sea for only $79 a year. Learn More

Welcome to Cruise Club, where you join, save and sail. We are a paid membership community of cruise enthusiasts and those who would like to explore cruising for the first time. We are not a time share sales organization or “travel club.” Your annual family membership of only $79 includes access to 3 major categories of benefits summarized below.

Cruise Discounts

Exclusive Cruise Offers

Choose from Alaska, Europe, the
Caribbean, Bahamas, and more.

Shipboard Credits

Get extra cash to spend onboard
when you book qualified cruises.

Discount Shore Excursions

Save 10% on shore excursions
for cruises across the globe.

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More Discounts

Dining & Shopping

$25 monthly dining credit, hundreds
of discounts on everyday purchases.

Hotel Discounts

Our hotel booking engine has great
prices on hotels throughout the world.

Car Rentals

Free days, upgrades, and other great
discounts anytime you need a ride.

Shopping and Savings

Save up to 50% on the things you buy
every day both in-store and online.

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Traveler Security

The world we live in today can be scary. Saving
files, sending emails, carrying a wallet or purse
and even a luggage tag isn’t safe anymore. We are
pleased to include a complimentary subscription to
Guard Street with your Cruise Club membership
featuring Secure Email and Data Vault as well as
Safe Browsing protection. Guard Street offers a
unique way to protect your confidential information
when you travel at home and abroad.

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