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Cruise Club Traveler Security

The world we live in today can be scary and the needs of travelers has changed. With the largest data breaches in history recently announced impacting hundreds of millions of people worldwide and with travelers particularly vulnerable, now more than ever it’s important to use data privacy tools while traveling and at home. Travelers need to be safe while using unsecured Wi-Fi to shop, bank, browse, managing documents and send email.

We are pleased to include Guard Street protection tools with your Cruise Club annual membership.  The Guard Street program offers a unique way to protect your confidential information when you travel in the US and abroad.  This security extends to personal data such as credit card numbers, account numbers, passcodes, websites visited and even important documents that may need to be accessed while traveling (including medical records, passport copies and financial records). Here is what is included:

  • Safe Browsing
  • Safe Email
  • Safe Storage

Safe Browsing

Wire money, shop online and navigate the internet in privacy. When you activate our virtual private network (VPN), your credit card, banking information and other personal information you may use will be hidden from criminals, fraudsters, hackers and big data marketers. It not only hides your IP address, but changes it, making your online activity secure. As a result, they can’t build a profile about you which could compromise your privacy.

Our fast, high bandwidth virtual private network is not a public network and allows you to avoid seeing ads. It also allows you to access restricted sites overseas like ABC, CBS, Fox News and more.

Safe Email

No need to worry about sending sensitive emails with attachments, they’re secure and encrypted on Guard Street’s servers located in Switzerland which is the safest location on the planet for data. Even your communication with non-Guard Street email users is secure.

Safe Storage

Keep your passports, itineraries, visas, medical records, photos and anything you may need while you travel sure in a digital safe.

Create, manage and securely store encrypted passwords and documents of all types (medical records, photos from your travels, financial records, travel itineraries, etc.) using military grade encryption and with the protection of Swiss Privacy Laws. Your data is also scanned for viruses as you back them up. Includes 25 GB of storage.