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About Cruise Club

Cruise Club - Join, Save, & Sail

Cruise Club LLC is a Florida-based company formed for the purpose of delivering high value discounts and deals on cruises, travel, retail goods and services to a closed membership community. We are backed and owned by seasoned travel industry professionals. In mid 2017, after an in-depth analysis of the existing travel club market, we identified the need for a legitimate, reward based club program that was not tied to time shares or multi-level marketing. We have only one major income stream and that is our $79 annual membership fee.

Our managing director, Joe Ewart, has more than 35 years experience in cruise sales and marketing operations. He was the founder and CEO of Cruise Holidays International and also served as vice president of marketing for CruiseOne and Cruises Inc., divisions of World Travel Holdings and has acted as a consultant to several major cruise and travel retail organizations. In 2005, he was inducted into the prestigious Cruise Lines Industry Association (CLIA) Hall of Fame. He has travelled on more than 300 cruises spanning his 35 year career and participated as an advisory board member for major cruise lines including Princess Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines.


Our cruise fulfillment partner is iCruise.com ICruise is part of WMPH Vacations which has been a leader in the North American cruise market for more than 14 years. Co-founders Don Walker and Uf Tukel formed the company after serving in executive level positions with MyTravel USA, CruisesOnly and Airtours. These holding companies operated several major cruise and retail high profile brands in the travel sector.

Currently, iCruise handles private label fulfillment for several companies including Cruise Club. They operate a state-of-the-art call center in Delray Beach, Florida with over 150 professionally trained cruise counselors ready to serve our members. In addition to representing every major cruise brand, iCruise also packages exclusive cruise and tour packages known as Cruise Combos to destinations like Alaska and the Caribbean. Both Tukel and Walker were inducted into the CLIA Hall of Fame in 2014 and were recognized as “Outstanding Cruise Retailers of the Year.”

Guard Street Partners

Our Travel Security and Discount programs are¬†offered through Guard Street Partners. Guard Street Partners also provides you with assistance should you have any¬†questions using your savings and protection. The world we live in today can be scary. The number of victims of cybercrime and ID theft is growing drastically worldwide and the average financial loss is now in the thousands per victim and rising. Travelers are at particular risk. Fraudsters, criminals, and hackers and marketers are steps ahead in using online devices to collect personal data. It’s incredibly easy to become a victim these days if you use a mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop to social network, shop and bank online. Saving files, sending emails, carrying a wallet or purse and even a luggage tag isn’t safe anymore. Plus, free or cheap email comes at a price. You pay for it with your data being sold or being subjected to unwanted advertisements all the time. Guard Street developed a system for protecting data security and consumer privacy BEFORE there is a problem. They created a virtual community that’s safe for their user that includes an all in one personal data locking system that you can use everywhere to save you time and money. Cruise Club has contracted with Guard Street to supply a comprehensive